Terms & Conditions

Open Tryout Class

Participation at Open Tryout does not guarantee a position for training at RG Center.

Online Registration is required to participate in an Open Tryout. Turning up to a tryout class without confirmation is not permitted to minimize disruptions and prepare the coaches for the new gymnast.

One tryout class is permitted. Any class thereafter, the gymnast must be enrolled and the Term Fees must be paid in full.

Gymnasts trying out must wear active clothing and socks, hair neatly secured and bring a water bottle.

Program Schedule

Programs typically run in 12-week semester throughout the year:

Summer Term: July – September | Fall Term: October – December

Winter Term: January – March | Spring Term: April – June

Gymnasts on the Beginner Level may register for all terms or just seasonally. The number of weeks depends on the weekday the class is held and corresponding holidays.

Age Restrictions

The gymnast must be the minimum age within one month of the class start date for all programs. Any exceptions must be approved by the Head Coach.

Class Sizes

For in-gym classes, minimum class size is 6, maximum 16 gymnasts. Junior coaches are provided for larger classes. Classes and coaches are subject to change due to registration numbers and coaching availability.

*Exception: These numbers are adjusted to reflect current health measures in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Term Fees

Fees are calculated based on the number of hours the Participant has signed up to attend per week and multiplied by the number of weeks in each Term.

The Parent will be charged for the entire length of the Term and partial payments will not be accepted.

Please note that Terms may vary in length, however the price per hour is fixed for the duration of the school year.

Your gym fees are due on the first day of every term and will be considered LATE if not paid within 7 days.

Waivers & Forms

DUE Prior to Start of Trial Class. Participation will NOT be allowed without the following signed & submitted forms:

  • Registration Form via RG Center Website
  • RG Center Waiver Release – Parental Consent Form (Done In-Person when you arrive for Tryout)

Refunds & Cancellations

  • All refunds that are approved and processed will be deducted a $5.00 administration fee.
  • Cancellation prior to Term Start Date will be given a full refund
  • If you came for less than half a term, we will refund you for remaining classes in the term. However, if you came for more than half of the term, we will not be able to issue a refund.
  • Missed Class/Absence: A “missed class” will not be refunded. However, makeup classes are allowed.

Make-Up Class

Makeup classes can be made during the current Term. Credit for Makeup classes will not flow into the next term. Three makeup classes are the maximum amount per term. Parents must contact the Head Coach to organize a makeup class.


An injured gymnast may be eligible for a reduced injury rate of 50% regardless of whether they attend classes or not during the injury period. Application for an injury discount must be made in writing with an attached medical certificate. This is a case by case situation and will be decided upon at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Online Class Terms:

  • Please ensure the workout space is clear and non-slip.
  • Parent/Guardian supervision and presence is encouraged!

Video and Photography

Upon enrolling your child with RG Center, you give permission for us to take respectful and positive videos and photographs of your child for social media use and promotional material. We do not permit parents/visitors to take videos or photographs of children (other than their own) or to share these to social media platforms.


The best form of communication between parents and coaches is face to face well before class start time, or at the conclusion of training. A parent should never interrupt a lesson or talk to the coach during training. A meeting can be arranged to discuss matters in detail. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us. If it is an urgent matter, please call or message us. Messaging or calling after 8:00pm is not permitted. All communication is to be courteous and respectful.

Regulations pertaining to COVID-19

RG Center will continue to follow best practices as outlined by the Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee and will update all parents from time to time.

  • All students arriving for training will receive Temperature Check and must Sanitize their Hands at entrance
  • Students bringing their own equipment for training are required to disinfect their own apparatus after each class (alcohol wipes and spray will be provided)
  • Parents responsible for drop-off and pick-up, please support us to:
    • Wear your Face Mask
    • Maintain a safe distance at the gym entrance during drop off and pick up
    • Refrain Fill out a Health Declaration form if you wish to enter the gym
  • Participants must stay home if they are unwell or if someone in their household is sick, even if the symptoms are mild.