the story of rg center
Anastasia Bochkareva was born.
She became a rhythmic gymnast and a ballet dancer from Russia.
She practiced gymnastics and choreography in a professional goverment school for 10 years.
2000 - 2010
She participated in national and international competitions.
Anastasia graduated from Bangkok university (communication and art degree).
Moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Started to teach rhythmic gymnastics in ballet school.
Anastasia started her own group in a small yoga room.
The establishment of RG Center marked the beginning of a mission in Vietnam to bring the pinnacle of Russian gymnastics standards and elevate the overall level of the sport.
Opening of RG Center Branch 1.
Covid happened, and there was a complete lockdown. All classes were switched to an online format.
Opening of RG Center Branch 2.
First Christmas show.
Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam national competitions.
International competitions in Kazakhstan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore.
First summer camp.
Branch 2 extention.
More gymnasts at the center, more opportunities for the kids; our mission is to develop this sport and make it more widespread.